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4-Stroke Powerhead Break-In Procedures


It is critical to thoroughly clean the mid-section and oil pan to avoid contaminating the new powerhead or cylinder head. 

Completely removal of the oil pan is recommended. It is also recommended to change the oil and oil filter after the first 30 minutes of running on a test tank. It has been found that this removes many of the contaminants that were left in the oiling system. 

FAILURES due to contamination of oil system are not covered under warranty. 

1st Hour

Operate the engine at varying speeds up to 2000 RPM or approximately 1/2 throttle. 

2nd Hour

Increase the engine speed until the boat is on a plane, avoiding full throttle operation. Back off the throttle while keeping the boat at a planing speed. 

Next 8 Hours

Run the engine at any safe speed. However, avoid operating at full throttle for more than five minutes at a time. 

After the first ten hours of use, change the oil and the oil filter. After this service, operate the engine normally. 

Always use premium oil as recommended by the OEM manufacturer.