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Lower Unit and Sterndrive Break-In Instructions

1. Gearcase assemblies are shipped without oil. Fill unit with manufacturer's required gear oil to recommended level.

2. Adjust RPM at idle to manufacturers specifications. 

4. Proper shift adjustment is essential.

5. Jumping out of gear: If the unit will not stay in gear, the clutch dog has probably been rounded off. Rounded clutch dogs are caused by, but not limited to, improper shift cable adjustment, inadequate shift travel, idle RPM too high, and / or shifting to slow. Rounded clutch dogs are not covered by the warranty.

6. Avoid full throttle starts.

7. DO NOT operate at constant speeds for extended periods.

8. Shift into forward gear a minimum of 10 times during the break-in, with moderate engine speed after each shift.

9. DO NOT exceed 75% of full throttle during the first five hours of operation.

10. During the next five hours, full throttle should not be maintained for long periods of time.

NOTE - OMC and Mercruiser Sterndrive Service Notice: When purchasing either an upper or lower assembly separately, the opposite piece must be disassembled and cleaned by the service center in order to validate the warranty. This provision is due to the cross contamination of the oil.