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OBR Powerhead / Shortblock Warranty Claim Form

All remanufactured and new OBR 2-stroke powerheads and 4-stroke shortblocks come with a one-year limited warranty. The warranty is offered by OBR, not Marine Parts Warehouse. You can read OBR's warranty coverage here:

To begin a warranty claim, please fill out the form below. After you submit the form, OBR will be contacted and we will be issued a Return Authorization number. We will email this RA number to you. The RA number needs to be written in large black marker letters on the outside of the packaging.

When you have the powerhead removed and packaged with the RA # written on the outside of the packaging please text 844-486-0616 stating that RA#xxxx is ready for pick-up. 

Please double check to remove everything from your powerhead before shipment. 

When the RA has been returned to OBR, the powerhead or shortblock will be torn down to determine the cause of the failure. If it determined that the used parts, machine work or new parts were faulty the claim RA will be repaired at no cost. 

If it is determined that the powerhead or shortblock failed due the fuel, ignition, or cooing systems not working properly the RA will be repaired at a wholesale rate. 

MARINE PARTS WAREHOUSE does not determine or decide how a warranty claim is handled.

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